Joanne Beckett and Pat’s Adventure on Four in a Bed

Four in a Bed, a popular reality show that has been entertaining audiences since 2010, is back with a bang. Among the contestants this season are Joanne Beckett and her mum, Pat, proud owners of the Rosaire Guest House located on St Seiriol’s Rd. The episodes featuring their incredible journey will air during the week of April 22, so mark your calendars.

The premise of Four in a Bed is simple yet captivating. Four hotel owners embark on an exciting adventure as they visit each other’s establishments and meticulously analyze which one offers the best value for money. It’s not just a competition, but a chance for participants to delve into different towns, enjoy diverse activities, and connect with like-minded individuals.

Joanne and Pat’s filming took place in September 2022, marking their ninth year of running Rosaire Guest House. Reflecting on their experience, Joanne shared, “The four properties we experienced were truly unique, and with each visit, we engaged in a variety of activities offered in different parts of Wales. It was a jam-packed week filled with exploring each other’s hospitality and savoring distinct breakfast styles.”

Undoubtedly, their journey was nothing short of amazing, filled with insightful learnings and unforgettable moments. The competition brought Joanne and Pat face-to-face with fascinating couples who possessed properties as diverse as their own esteemed guest house. However, what truly shone throughout their time on the show was their genuine admiration for the beautiful town of Llandudno, which they were incredibly proud to showcase.

Taking the feedback from their fellow competitors in stride, Joanne and Pat embraced the opportunity for growth. Armed with invaluable insights, they made a few adjustments to their guest house, ensuring an even more enjoyable experience for future visitors.

Get ready to join Joanne and Pat as they compete on Four in a Bed. Tune in every night at 6pm on Channel 4 from April 22-26 to witness the thrill, excitement, and hospitality on display. Don’t miss this delightful journey that promises to captivate and inspire.

Four in a Bed FAQ section:

Q: What is the premise of the reality show Four in a Bed?
A: Four hotel owners visit each other’s establishments and compete to determine which one offers the best value for money.

Q: When will the episodes featuring Joanne Beckett and her mum, Pat, air?
A: The episodes will air during the week of April 22.

Q: Where is their guest house located?
A: The Rosaire Guest House is located on St Seiriol’s Rd.

Q: How long have Joanne and Pat been running the Rosaire Guest House?
A: They have been running the guest house for nine years.

Q: What did Joanne and Pat do during the filming of the show?
A: They visited different towns in Wales, engaged in activities offered in those areas, and explored each other’s hospitality.

Q: What adjustments did Joanne and Pat make to their guest house after receiving feedback?
A: They made some adjustments to ensure an even more enjoyable experience for future visitors.


– Four in a Bed: A popular reality show where hotel owners compete to determine the best value for money among their establishments.
– Guest house: A type of accommodation similar to a small hotel, often run by the owners themselves.
– Value for money: The quality or benefit received in exchange for the price paid.
– Hospitality: The friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests.

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